Our Business
Passion led us here

At Flight Training Resources (FTR) we provide professional, customised aviation training to aircrew.

We are located in Hong Kong. The training centre started operations in February 2018 and is part of the Flight Training Group alongside Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) and Flight Training Queensland (FTQ).

Our training ethos is focused on raising the safety standard within corporate aviation, rather than simply fulfilling the minimum requirements. To achieve this we have made and will continue to make, investments to supply appropriate equipment and resources for training.

We cater for all aircrew and offer a full range of services, including initial and recurrent cabin safety training courses.

Our training instructors are fully qualified, professional and train with passion. We strive to provide relevant and up-to-date training, and are committed to ensuring that the environment and contents of our courses exceed the expectations of our candidates.

Whether you are flight crew or a flight attendant we have the course for you. We hope the information on our website gives you a thorough understanding of what we offer.

Please feel free to contact Fanessa and Yvonne for any additional information.


Fanessa Lee
Manager Training and Development
Tel: +852 3705 5266
Mobile: +852 6299 9087
Email: flee@ftr.asia


Yvonne Tam
Training Instructor
Tel: +852 3705 5268
Mobile: +852 9136 8921
Email: ytam@ftr.asia