Fanessa Lee

Fanessa Lee joined TAG Aviation Asia in 2012 and supported in expanding the cabin service delivery among many different aircrafts in the fleet. She took the initiative to offer support in the office, and was promoted as the Assistant Manager of the Cabin Crew. She also received trainings and became a HKCAD certified SEP instructor as well as an EASA certified CRM instructor.

Fanessa’s passion acted as a driving force and motivated her to ensure the crew received the highest standards of training. Her devotion was recognised by Gulfstream and she was therefore invited to become a member of the Customer Advisory Board. Subsequently, she was promoted as the Manager of Training and Development in TAG Aviation Asia in 2017. In 2018, with the investment from Flight Training Group, Fanessa reached another milestone by establishing and launching a separate training organisation – Flight Training Resources, which she aimed to set the benchmark for Cabin Safety Training within the industry.

“Fanessa’s knowledge of the industry is invaluable, and we are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and hardworking member in the team,” said Eddie Wong, Director of Flight Training Resources. “She has so much potential to grow individually and together with the company.”