Hong Kong’s Flight Training Resources is looking to expand its third-party safety training.

Since its kickoff in February 2018, Flight Training Resources (FTR) has been providing training courses for its launch customer, TAG Aviation Asia. FTR provides initial and recurrent trainings for 150 aircrew members which accounts for almost half of the staff in TAG Aviation Asia, offering a range of training courses including Safety Emergency Procedures (SEP), Smoke and Fire, Aviation First Aid, Crew Resource Management, and Aviation Security.

The Aircraft Doors and Over-wing Exits trainings are conducted by training instructors certified by both Hong Kong and San Marino regulators, and are carried out on the Airbus A320 over-wing exit door trainer, which is approved for most medium-sized jets. Fanessa Lee, Manager of Training and Development, said FTR hopes to further promote a safety culture in the region.

FTR co-owns this training programme with Flight Training Adelaide in Australia. Flight Training Adelaide also provides ab-initio training courses for commercial airlines, including TAG Aviation Asia’s Cadet Pilot Programme.